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There is no denying that selling a home or any type of real estate is serious business.

If you are knowledgeable in these areas and comfortable completing these tasks selling your home is something you may decide to undertake yourself. If you are not confident in completing these tasks enlisting the services of a successful real estate company will be extremely important in achieving the sale.

Selling a home involves marketing prowess, negotiation skills and legal considerations that most people aren’t knowledgeable about. At Columbia County Real Estate Specialists we are experts at buying and selling real estate. Columbia County NY is where we live, it is where we’ve helped people buy and sell real estate for the past decade and it is the only county in which we do business. If you are a Columbia County homeowner considering the sale of your property contact us to learn first-hand why our client’s have chosen to work with us and why so many of them confidently refer our services to their friends and family.

The idea of selling your home can be an exciting proposition. The process of selling it however, can be daunting. Selling a home requires hard work, marketing skill, patience and the conviction to complete the task. Be sure you’re comfortable with the decision to sell your home before committing to the sale process that lies ahead.
Everyone has their unique set of reasons and goals for selling their home or property. Accurately identifying and prioritizing these goals is essential to creating the best marketing plan to achieve them. In this stage, it is important to remember that many goals are difficult to achieve concurrently. For example, the desire to sell your property at the highest price and in the shortest amount of time. In most cases, achieving the highest sale price requires a longer marketing time and achieving a sale in a short amount of time requires a lower asking price. Only when you have clearly defined your most important goals can a marketing plan be created to efficiently accomplish them.
In most cases, enlisting the services of a real estate company to assist in selling your home or property will help you sell it faster and at a higher price than selling it yourself. The real estate company you choose will be your most important asset in selling your property. Your agent will be your partner, your confidante, your guide, your representative and the buffer between you and every potential buyer who sees your property. Needless to say, choosing a real estate agent that you have confidence in is vital. The real estate agent you choose should demonstrate their ability, their track record, their desire to succeed and their understanding of you and your goals.
Creating an effective marketing plan can be instrumental in selling your property. A marketing plan will put your selling goals into action. It will be customized to accomplish your specific goals and will be flexible, so it can be changed as your plans and goals change. The marketing plan will make sure your goals are clearly expressed, allow you to measure progress against your expectations and help take the emotions out of future pricing decisions that may need to be made.
The marketing plan will help you manage the pricing and time expectations you set for the sale. If you have established a short window to sell the property and after a few months there have been very few showings the marketing plan will dictate that the listing price be reduced in to generate more showings. On the other hand, if a fast sale is not the primary goal and the property is getting a high number of showings in the first few weeks it may be a sign that the property is underpriced and an increase in the listing price may be appropriate. Gauging market feedback and incorporating it into the marketing plan is often times more important than establishing the initial listing price. Your confidence in the marketing plan and your agent’s ability to execute it will be the keys to success.
You have received a purchase offer and success is at hand. This is when the agent you’ve chosen will need to shine. Negotiations can take on a life of their own and in most cases, a deal is only struck when both the buyer and the seller are satisfied. An experienced real estate agent will guide you through the negotiations process and help ensure you receive the best overall sale terms possible.
The buyer’s purchase offer will contain a number of contingencies that must be met before the sale can close. Those contingencies typically include property inspections, a title search and the mortgage approval. Unexpected problems can arise with any of these contingencies and when this happens the transaction can easily fall apart. Identifying the problem, maintaining proper perspective and keeping all parties working together toward the common goal is vital to completing the sale. This is when having the right real estate agent at your side makes all the difference.

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