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Our Mission

Columbia County Real Estate Specialists was founded with the mission of delivering the highest level of professional service to the Columbia County real estate community. Co-founders Margaret and John Avenia have worked with several real estate brokerages over their careers. After gaining valuable sales and management experience at each they developed a vision for a new, progressive type of real estate company. A company that unwaveringly strives to serve each and every client’s interests without compromise. Founded on old-fashioned business principles and state of the art marketing techniques that vision has become reality in the form of Columbia County Real Estate Specialists, LLC.

As residents of Columbia County we have seen first-hand how important real estate values are to our neighbors. For many people in our community, the value of their home is the single largest investment they have. It is important for them to have insight into the state of the real estate market and we are their conduit. We are always happy volunteering our time to help people with their questions and to provide them with in-depth insight into the current market value of their property. We invite all Columbia County property owners to contact us any time we can be of assistance with a valuation of their real estate investment.
Every client who entrusts Columbia County Real Estate Specialists with selling their home or property deserves nothing less than the absolute best service our entire staff can provide. We recognize the level of trust our client’s are granting us and take that responsibility seriously. We return that trust with honest advice, creative marketing plans, extensive advertising and outstanding professional representation. We dedicate ourselves to achieving our client’s most important goals and will leave no stone unturned until those goals have been accomplished.
Our company takes great pride in providing potential home buyers with a full range of services aimed at helping them make the most intelligent purchasing decision possible. Many of the clients we work with are interested in purchasing a country home in an area they are not familiar with. These clients require a different set of services than our other clients who already live in Columbia County and are purchasing their first home, a larger home to accommodate their growing family, or a single-story home to enjoy their retirement. Whatever our buyer client’s specific requirements are, we work long and hard to help them in every way possible.
As members of the Columbia County real estate community we have a responsibility to work hand in hand with all other real estate companies. By working together we help to create an efficient real estate market where every buyer has an equal opportunity to purchase any property available on the market. We strongly believe that both buyers and sellers are best served when a market is as open and efficient as possible. That is why we split our commissions equally when representing a selling client. Doing so encourages all other agents to expose our listings to their buyer clients.

There are companies operating in Columbia County who offer a lower commission split if another company sells their listing, which discourages all other agents from selling their listings. It is hard to justify how this policy best serves their client, the real estate community, the efficiency of the real estate market, or anyone but themselves. However, this is their policy, and it speaks to a vastly different business philosophy than ours.
Providing a creative, nurturing and stimulating work environment for our staff is an important part of achieving our company goals. We believe it takes well trained, knowledgeable and highly motivated agents to deliver the type of service our company strives for. It also takes agents who are personable and who care about the clients they represent. We seek out agents with these characteristics and in turn, they seek out us. You will find the agents at Columbia County Real Estate Specialists to be the kind of people who care about their clients, care about their profession and care about their community. We are very proud to be associated with them.

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